Song & Album Launch Checklist Ebook

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"Marketing a song doesn't start when the song is mixed and mastered."

It starts when the pad hits the paper!

In my new EBook "Song Launch Checklist" learn the strategies I use to make thousands of sales and streams of my music. This ensures I have done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make the song or album a success.

Using offline and online tools such as social media, design, guerilla marketing, live performances plus video.  
Never wonder whether people are going to hear your music again.  

Take the 10x challenge at the end and watch  your fanbase grow by the thousands!

Learn how to launch a song or album successfully and break through all the noise.

Marketing Strategies Include:

Social Media Promotion



Guerilla Marketing Tips

Bonus #1: Take the 10x challenge.  10 things you can do every day to grow your fanbase

 Bonus #2: Live Video Trainings To go along With the Ebook teaching you how to implement it

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